Welcome to our InsaNNe World!

We are Nancy & Natalia

We are cousins and and toghether we are just pure dinamite, we kind of telepated each other, we are very courious about everything, we laugh, and we try to stay positives as much as we can.
Back in 2013 we start in the Blogging plataform to take some pics and left some thoughts, just for fun, we really enjoyed ours sundays doing it. Having long talks about how we wanted to change the world between our grandma´s closet.

We create this plataform to express ourselves, to continue exploring this beaytiful, crazy and chaotic world between Mexico and Switzerland.

So, join us in this trip we hope you enjoy aswell.

We are so tall to be mexicans, that  the boys in the street, instead of to scream at us, mamacita! they were shouting us: giraffes!

Our mantra:

Always expect the Unexpected.