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Christian Loubotin and México

México literally means : "Place in the hub of the moon".

We are mexicans and of course we love our roots, our history, our food and our traditions, which despite the arrival of the Spanish in the XVI century have not disappeared.  

México is a place where you can find inspiration in whatever you are looking at, the beautiful small places sourranded by flowers, the amazing landscapes and beaches, the houses with all those colors. All the flavors you experience for the first time in your life make you wonder why you took so long to come to this emblematic place full of magic. In few words: México is ART.

The textile tradition in México is as old as its culture.  Under Spanish rule, textiles were considered an important tribute element. Women were forced to work in workshops to create elements only for the Spanish to whom the land in which they lived belonged. This practice was banned in the middle of the sixteenth century, thus allowing them to do work in their homes with little or no pay.

Wanting to preserve Mexican Traditions, and at the same time teaching the world what Mexico is made of (beyond the typical stereotypes), several Mexican Designers have worked with different indigenous communities. They created social responsible companies, and at the same time employed this sector, unfortunately forgotten by our government.

This time the inspiration was for the world-known French firm Christian Loubotin.

"Collaborated with Taller Maya, a Mexican foundation working to preserve traditional, local craftsmanship and ensure the long-term economic empowerment of Mayan artisans".

Together ( More than 100 Maya craftswomen) created custom travel bags for a collection called "Viva MEXICABA!", they make "unique pieces with history and great cultural value".

"I am a great admirer of Mexican embroideries, their colors, the designs of wild animals that are somewhat innocent and the image of death, represented in a humorous way, taking away the chilling," said Christian Loubotin when he talked about his new project that came to sale this Wednesday May 3, while 10% of the profits will go to the Foundation Haciendas del Mundo Maya.​

So, thumbs up for the collective consciousness, the chain of favors, and yes yes yes to the diversity of thought.

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