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Fashion Weeks

If you are into the fashion business or you just like it, like us, you well know September is a very busy month in the Fashion Industry, full of creativity, inspirtions, that starts in New York going on to London, Milan and ending of course with Paris. These four Fashion Capitals basically dictate trends for the nexts months, and of course all eyes are on them.

But, what about the rest of the World?

¿Do you know others Fashion Weeks or have you ever thought about them?

We made a small list for you of "other" Fashion Weeks around the world.


Fashion Week México: The most important fashion event in the Mexican Fashion Industry,Fashion Week Mexico this year celebrates the 20th Edition ¿Can you believe it? This year it starts on the 3rd October, showing a Fashion Film"Reflejo" and going on till 15th October 2016. According to the press conference 4 days ago at Sheraton hotel, Mexican Fashion is celebrating 10 years, ¡Wow! and they are celebrating with a very special season.

What you will find?

Fashion Film "Reflejo"


The Launch of theBrand Fenty PUMA by Rihanna

Pabellón "Compra Moda Nacional" (Buy National Fashion) (8-15 October)

Shows 10-14 Oct.

More than 40 Mexican Designers but also Internationals.

Mexican Fashion Bloggers

1.- StyleScrapbook by Andrea Torres (Of Course)

2.- FakeLeather by Adriana Gastélum

3.- Pamallier by Pamela Allier

4.- SandsBlog by the sisters Iztel & Xanath de Kruyff

5.- Blog It México Where you can also choose your favorite fashion blogger.


Mode Suisse is the name of the Fashion Week in Switzerland, a small country between Germany, France and Italy (if you didn´t know it). With a lot of potencial buyers, this year was the 10th Edition which started on September 1st and finished 25th September with Pop-Up Stores around Zurich.

Their Idea is:

"That is an industry platform promoting collaboration between fashion designers and schools, the textile industry, retail market, media and other fashion-related industry players. Semi-annual events staged in Geneva and Zurich are targeted primarily at an expert audience, but also at amateur fashion lovers. In addition, Mode Suisse is an adviser to Swiss designers and a door-opener for appearances at international fashion weeks and events".

What you will find?

Shows, showrooms, panel discussions, Pop-Up Stores, Exhibitions.

As a special feature for this year's edition, they chose a model with down syndrome. The theme was "Mode for All".

Sponsored by Mercedes -Benz and more.

Swiss Fashion Bloggers





The Prague Fashion week was 1st -7th September 2016.

Prague has a very distinguished geographical position a 1 hour flight from Germany and Austria and is also very close to Fashion Capitals such as London, Paris, Milán and Madrid. The Prague Fashion Week will surprise you first for the City. You will walk through a city marked by its history, you will find great designers, very passionate and "Full of Dreams". Here is, where you find the creativity that they want to spread over the World.

MBPFW is really "new" but acording to Czech Republic Land of Stories: "It's the only fashion event in the Czech Republic with an international reach - belongs to a global network of Fashion Weeks organized under the auspices of Mercedes-Benz, similarly as in New York, Berlin, Sydney, Moscow, Istanbul and Mexico City."

What you will find?

Harper´s bazaar Shopping Night

Pop-Up Stores


Fashion Revolution Prague:

A space during the Fashion Week for conscious fashion and consumers where you will find great people and share Conscious ideas, if you want to colaborate or just know about what they are doing around Czech Republic, just get in contact wit Veronika Hubkova or with Monika Kraft and they will let you know.

The Coordinator from Czech Republic and Slovak Republic is Kamila Boudova

We found WINWINLOVE over there and believe us, you will love her job.

Prague Fashion Bloggers

1.- Czechchicks By Hanna & Veronika

2.- Lovefashionprague

3.-Ina T


The city with more people in Turkey wich is located between Europa and Asia, on the Bosphorus Strait that connects the Black Sea with the Sea of ​​Marmara.  Wow!!

Istanbul Fashion Week will be next October 11-15th 2016 so, yes! save the date because is definitely a MUST in your fashion diaries. Why? because "Turkish designers rule major fashion shows around the world" and that´s so true because they are the Center for the World Textile Industry, acording with Daily Sabah (read it! really good article).

Istanbul Fashion Bloggers 

1.- Maritsa 

2.- Agoniiya By Ksenia, Russian girl living in Istambul.

3.- Tiebowtie By Viktoriya Sener Ukrainegirl living in Istambul. 

We didn´t have the pleasure to have been there yet, but it definitely is on our wishlist now!

MBFWIstanbul Instagram

Take your notes, grab your agenda and start to make your Fashion Week Road Trip!

Mean while, we´ll be wondering if one day there will be another four Fashion Capitals.

There´s a lot a creativity around the world just keep your eyes open.

Support your gang,Think global, purchase local.
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