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Día de Muertos is a traditional celebration of Mesoamerican origin that honors the deceased. It is celebrated mainly on November 1st and 2nd, The cult of death in Mexico is practiced since pre-Columbian times. Likewise, in the Aztec Calendar, it can be observed that among the 18 months that form this calendar, there were at least six festivities dedicated to the dead.

We loved the rebels, and this Day In 2InsaNNE we want to commemorate  a rebel with cause,  a woman who believed fashion could be more, a strong woman who gave a twist and changed the way we see the  Fashion World nowadays.

Franca Sozzani

Franca helped create the phenomenon of the supermodel In the 1990´s.  She was known for including topics and issues in her magazine which other Fashion Publications avoided.

Domestic Violence


"MakeOver" Plastic Surgery


Water & Oil _________________________________________________________

Issues of her magazine included "Drug abuse & Recovery" and one of the most controversial "The Black Issue" which featured only models of colour for the first time in a fashion magazine and was printed 3 times, and most recently "Rebranding Africa".

Franca Sozzani contributed to a number of charitable organisations. She was a founding member of Child Priority – a non-profit organization created by Condé Nast to offer concrete study and work opportunities for those who have none despite being talented and artistically gifted. 

Also, she worked with the AIDS organisation Convivo and from March 2013 she was the president of the European Institute of Oncology Foundation.

Rest in Peace

20 January 1950 – 22 December 2016

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