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Tally Elfassi-Weijl was born as a daughter of Romanian-Dutch parents in Tel Aviv. She studied art history and tourism in Paris. Later, when she applied for the Lausanne School of Applied Sciences, she designed her first fashion collection, which led to the founding of the company.

The Tally Weijl  company is as young as I  and it was founded in 1984 by Tally Elfassi-Weijl and Beat Grüring under the name of "Parimod AG"in Lohn, Solothurn,Switzerland. It all started in a garage, where the early collections were designed.

Nowadays the company is represented worldwide in 37 countries with over 780 stores and if you are interested in Fashion Economy and Industry Itself, you should know that the Company has generated sales of estimated 380 million euros in 2015.

They still growing and yesterday at the pre-opening party and today 21st of September 2017 the company is "throwing the house out the window" (like we say in México) in a building with 5 floors, the sunset and we´re witnesses of it.

DJ Kiwi mixed music to set the pace for the night

DJ Kiwi

@Pharmsmusic did the same with their own style.

@reflection_crew made the dance floor shine.

@xenia The Influencer  was there to make the best "strike a pose" and to remind me how to wear high heels of fear! wow!

@Eisurugelato vegan icecreams made my day!

Thanks Tally-Weijl Basel crew for having us, and for the goodie bags sponsored by The Body Shop,and Maybelline.

And if you are reading this and still thinking that Tally Weijl is just for Teen´s, i´ll show you the opposite ´cause being young is a state of mind. 

#loveTallyWeijl #TWmarktplatz

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