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"The Vagina Monologues"

I´m 33 years old and i need to confess that yesterday FOR VERY FISRT TIME IN MY LIFE i had the opportunity to see "The Vagina Monologues" because one of my friends had the brilliant idea to be part of the casting.

If you don´t have an idea and think that just the name is a bit "weird" and you are going to see vaginas around like "the worst nightmare" or its all "about sex"  let me tell you ,of course, you are SO wrong. This Jewel is a work written by the American feminist Eve Ensler that has become the epicenter of a non-profit movement that fights against gender violence.

The work consists of 19 monologues (of Vagina of course) and each girl talk about things like: Hair, the flood, My Angry Vagina, My Short Skirt,Six years old girl, The woman who loved to make vaginas happy, and so many others.  The topics are so common that they become taboos within all the societies that make us think but above all, raise awareness.

The production of "The Monologues of the Vagina" has become the pillar on which the V-day project is based. The "V" is for "Valentine," "Vagina" and "Victory." The name seeks to establish a connection between LOVE and RESPECT for women, and the end of violence against US.

Every year, between February 1 and March 8 (International Women's Day), groups of volunteers around the world take to the stage the work of Ensler to raise funds to help regional programs that combat violence against women and the young women, which includes shelters for victims of domestic violence and support centers for rape victims.

So many Thanks to the Author Eve Ensler for this amazing idea created in 1996 but more thanks to the Producer Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann to bring this work in Switzerland, for raising awareness of the importance of continuing to teach new generations the value of self-love and as they said in the last monologue said by a man, for men:  Respect and Emphaty.


Want to know more? https://www.vdaybasel.org/


Want to support? Fundraising.

Mexico Creates : Pussypedia https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/396848313/mexico-creates-pussypedia

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