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When I found the link about the  WOMEN´S EXPO BASEL I couldn´t believe that it was something "relatively new" in the Country. So, of course,  I was very surprised and excited at the same time that I decided to go there and to be a witness.

The date arrived and I was so ready to be (of course for the first time) in "LE TROI ROIS", one of the most expensive hotels in Switzerland. Surprisingly the Expo was bigger than i thought, i found 36 brands built by strong women from several countries around the world and established in Switzerland that bring color, variety and quality of products to the Country.

Of course the "Latin Corner" MUST have also been present and I found LA LIBELULA and PLAZA LATINA from Colombia with an incredible quality and just when I was happy and satisfied with the result I found MOKTAANIcreated by Sofía Martínez, from México, (my heart grows up) who Works closely with indigenous community-artisans, social enterprises and local designers, on fair trade terms. She brings beautiful and authentic products that are crafted using age-old techniques but designed with impeccable modern aesthetics. Products that result in exclusive pieces you're not likely to see anywhere else.

One thing that caught my attention was the fact that women who start a business are foreigners, like Lisa Chuma, the Creator of WOMEN EXPO and also TED TALK SPEAKER (graduated from the University of East London in 2005).

Thanks to her for spreading the "Women's Empowerment" and bringing us the Women´s EXPO Switzerland, the only exhibition for women in the Country launched in 2013, with 743 female-owned businesses exhibiting,  7,700 women visiting the exhibition and 850 women attending the seminars.

See you Next Year!

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